Brembo details Ferrari 488 GTB brake system


Brembo supplies the entire braking system for the new 488GTB developed by Ferrari. It has been designed to cope with intermittent track outtings, but also for easy daily use for drivers of all ability. 

The first characteristics of the braking system Brembo defined for the supercer was its braking power and weight. Given the high charges generated by the pressure of the pistons on the brake pads, to guarantee maximum stiffness and minimum deformation, the calipers are monoblock, meaning that they are machined from a single block of melted aluminium.

The calipers design mainly generates a considerable reduction in the weights of the unsuspended masses and heightens the feeling on the pedal, with optimised absorption.

Both front and rear calipers have pistons of varying diameter to guarantee that the brake pad wears evenly, as otherwise it would wear out faster on the brake disc entrance corner.

Brembo CCM brake discs, which are made of a composite ceramic material, ensure a weight reduction of 50% compared to cast iron brake discs.

For this component this also generates a weight reduction in the vehicle’s unsuspended masses.

The brake pads have also been produced by Brembo and their friction material is a mixture of organic elements specifically dosed to guarantee maximum braking performance when used with Brembo CCM brake discs.

The distinctive features of the braking system of the 488 Spider are fruit of a minimal, simple design that can easily be seen in the decidedly open, hollow design of the brake caliper and blends in perfectly with the stylish, streamline aesthetics of the car.

Paying close attention to detail and to the design also means achieving a perfect level of symmetry between the front and rear calipers.

Even if the front caliper has 6 pistons and the rear piston has 4 plus a built-in electric parking brake, the two components are visually identical, giving the entire vehicle an improved sense of balance and symmetry.

Finally, Brembo CCM brake discs, which have already won the Compasso d’Oro award, also give the 488 Spider an additional touch of aesthetic refinement, also thanks to their particular texture.

The rear caliper is characterised by the presence of a built-in electric parking brake: a solution developed by Brembo that combines traditional mechanical skills with latest electronic functions, to produce a caliper with a high mechatronics content.

Brembo has combined the electronic control system and the software used to monitor the parking brake to form a single component.

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