How a racer copes with being house-bound


Fabio Quartararo, a rider with the Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team tells us how he’s keeping busy and adjusting to life at home as he awaits the return of MotoGP action.

How are you doing and where are you now?
“Well I’m OK. I’m at home in Andorra and I’m training. The situation is I think a little like other parts of Europe – we’re not totally in quarantine, but I try to go out as little as possible to have more security staying at home.

“We don’t know when we’ll start the season, but of course we need to be fit and 100% prepared whenever the first race is, so I’m training hard and, of course, looking forward to starting the season.”

How are you training?
“More or less like the pre-season, but honestly in pre-season and during the season the training is pretty much the same. It’s just that in the pre-season you can do more riding with the motorcycle, and more motocross, but now we can’t really go out of our homes, so the training is the same as normal, just without the chance to ride. I’m basically spending hours doing workouts at home to keep my body in good shape. I try to control what I’m eating and that’s it – I can’t do a lot more in this extraordinary situation.”

What else are you doing to keep busy?
“Apart from watching Netflix and films, and reading books, I’m Facetiming with family and friends, playing on the Playstation, and tidying the house and the garage a little!

“I’m not watching so many races, but I’m watching some practice sessions where I finished quickest or where I’m proud of a lap I did, like the qualifying in Jerez.”

How are you with virtual racing?
“I’m fast on the Playstation, but if you look at the standings compared to the top guys there I’m faster in the real world! But it’s true that it’s always good to have fun on the MotoGP videogame and I’m really lucky to have one at home during these tough times.”

How much can you still speak to your team?
“We have a Whatsapp group and we send messages almost every day. I think it’s really important to keep contact with the people that help you a lot and that you love.

“We are a team and we need to support each other as a team. All over the world people are having tough moments, but we need to keep strong and keep going, and I’m sure normality will come back. I hope something will happen soon for a good solution.”

What would you say to everyone and the MotoGP community?
“I think the most important thing is to stay at home. I know it can be really boring, because for me I’m not a static guy – I love to go out, I love to train, I love to move – but at this moment the best solution is to stay at home and stay safe. That’s the message I want to share with everyone. And to clean your hands, try to keep distance and have no physical contact with people – these are the most important things to do during this time. We have to be more responsible than ever.

“And of course to the fans – it’s tough for those with passion that can’t wait for races, but I can promise that as soon as we can come back we will give you a good show and we will make as many MotoGP races as possible and have fun again.”

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