Brembo updates brake by wire system for 100ms response


Following what it describes as ‘a few’ years of development, Brembo has introduced an updated version of its BbW (Brake by Wire) system, with which the company says it has achieved braking performance on a par with cars equipped with conventional systems. The headline figures released by Brembo include a time-to-lock (TTL) response of up to 100 milliseconds, compared to 300-500 milliseconds with conventional braking systems, which can enable a stronger response in autonomous braking.

And it is not just the braking that is faster: lead times for the system, meaning the final tuning of the vehicle, have also become quicker – within a few weeks at the most, compared with several months for conventional systems, according to Brembo. This shortened lead time also enables a reduction in system development times.

Brembo says that the BbW system will be integrated with the functionality and architecture of ADAS systems, variable and adjustable brake sensitivity for the driver, and a parking brake integrated with the rear caliper.

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