Delphi reports strong corrosion resistance in brake discs


Delphi Technologies has reported that in independent tests its coated brake discs have been shown to last more than 720 hours of salt spray corrosion resistance, which compares favourably with competitor products in the same tests that showed less than 24 hours for a premium black painted disc and a plain OE model.

Delphi states that an independent, specialist material laboratory conducted the head-to-head product testing, using a popular PSA application. In accordance with ASTM B117-16 regulations, the lab put Delphi Technologies, the OE and five leading aftermarket competitor painted brake discs through 720 hours of intense salt spray exposure. After 24 hours, the Delphi Technologies’ coated brake disc was reported to show only moderate corrosion in a few areas. In contrast, says Delphi, both the OE and a premium painted disc suffered complete corrosion within 24 hours, and were withdrawn from the procedure, highlighting the disparity between fully coated, painted and plain discs.

“Cast iron brake discs are susceptible to corrosion from road salt, dirt and water,” explains Neil Fryer, vice president of global marketing, product and strategy, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket. “That’s why we apply an environmentally friendly water- and zinc-flake-based Geomet coating across the entire surface of our discs, including the top hat, outer rim, internal veins and friction faces. As these tests show, this significantly enhances protection.”

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