Nylacast secures brake-boosting contract

Nylacast Automotive, a producer of polymer assemblies and components, has been awarded a production-volume contract for its brake boosting technology with an unnamed customer. The company’s worm wheel and rack will be used in brake booster applications that require variable brake assistance relative to changing traffic conditions.
The assistance is transmitted via specially developed worm wheels which either drive a steel pinion onto a Nylacast polymer rack, or through a re-circulating ball unit which applies rotational movement to a ball screw, thus transmitting lateral movement and applying power assistance to a conventional hydraulic braking circuit.

In addition to delivering increased fuel efficiency to vehicles, this technology performs as a gateway to ADAS technology such as collision avoidance and autonomous driving, moving away from vacuum-assisted hydraulic braking in conventional fuelled vehicles.  This move is viewed by Nylacast as being essential for hybrid and all-electric vehicles.
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