TrelleborgVibracoustic’s new mount for multi-link axles


At the recent, sixth Aachen Acoustics Colloquium, TrelleborgVibracoustic presented a special chassis mount made of two different elastomer compounds. TrelleborgVibracoustic states that this ‘DualRubber’ mount can reduce axle vibrations and road noise, offering benefits to conventional IC-powered vehicles, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

TrelleborgVibracoustic claims that the DualRubber mount resolves the compromises associated with traditional chassis mounts. By employing two different rubber mixtures for both spatial directions, the DualRubber is able to insulate road noise and control low-frequency axle vibrations more effectively.

Initial measurements show a noise reduction of up to 7 dB and a considerable reduction in vibration. The reverberation period after crossing a transverse joint is cut by 40%. The tests also showed that the axle is also much quieter even under permanent stimulation, which TrelleborgVibracoustic states makes driving more pleasant.

The DualRubber mount employed a special production process during manufacturing, in which the elastomers were injected simultaneously using two different rubber compounds.

TrelleborgVibracoustic explain that this approach places great demands on the processing technology and the materials developed for the purpose, as the high-damping elastomer has to fulfill high service life requirements under every peripheral condition such as heat, cold, salt, and dirt.

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