Eaton e-LSD set for 2017 launch


Power management company Eaton is preparing to launch IntelliTrac, a traction and torque management technology that features both electric and hydraulic components, with the aim of improving performance on front- and rear-wheel-drive systems.

The electronic LSD, scheduled to launch in 2017, is claimed by Eaton to optimize torque distribution between wheels, while also enabling weight savings of nearly 36kg compared to conventional all-wheel-drive systems.

IntelliTrac can be fitted within an existing axle house, negating the need for a prop shaft tunnel. The unit is fitted with a DC electric motor that is controlled by an ECU. The motor drives a piston pump that can operate at peak performance across all temperature extremes.

Above: The front-wheel-drive version of IntelliTrac. Top: The rear-drive variant

The differential is compatible with other vehicle safety systems, such as ABS and traction control and stability control systems, and is able to provide customized traction levels selected by the driver.

According to Eaton, IntelliTrac will debut in 2017 on a 2018-model year vehicle from “a major North American automaker”.

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