Ferrari fits spool-valve damper technology to Purosangue


Multimatic’s TrueActive Spool Valve (TASV) damper system is debuting on the Ferrari Purosangue, the automaker’s first SUV, and its first to feature the Ferrari Active Suspension Technology (FAST) system enabled by TASV technology.

All passive and adaptive dampers are reactive elements designed to absorb the energy imparted by the road surface and and g-forces resulting from driver inputs, and then to reactively control subsequent suspension movements and tyre forces. The TASV damper technology transforms the suspension into an active system capable of exerting enough force to move the entire vehicle body in anticipation of a road disturbance or driving manoeuvre, to achieve optimal handling performance and ride comfort in all conditions.

Inside each TASV Damper are two spool valves that independently control compression and rebound motion, providing precise and predictable control.

Multimatic says the TASV system is the first production active suspension to integrate an electric motor with spool-valve damping, to supplement vehicle springs with parallel force actuation through the damper. This design eliminates the need for any anti-roll devices or additional mechanisms for dynamic ride height and rate adjustment. The company also claims that TASV can control vehicle wheel motions with more authority and at higher frequencies than adaptive or semi-active suspension systems.

The TASV dampers use a liquid-cooled 48V three-phase brushless electric motor to deliver supplemental force through a twin-lead ball screw and gearbox assembly into the damper shaft. The system is designed to minimise packaging space, weight and rotational inertia. On the Ferrari Purosangue each damper actuator assembly is equipped with an onboard motor control module that receives direct commands from a vehicle dynamics controller, based on control strategies that optimise the performance envelope of the vehicle and the ride comfort for occupants.

“This technology makes it possible to continuously control the vehicle body to achieve targeted vertical, roll and pitch dynamics at any speed.” said Michael Guttilla, Multimatic’s VP of engineering. “For example, the system can actively lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity and control pitch and roll stiffness under acceleration, braking and cornering to maximise traction and dynamically optimise under/oversteer handling balance. It can also optimise tyre contact with the road as the vehicle drives over rough surfaces, delivering exceptional ride quality and stability.”

Raj Nair, president and COO of Multimatic added that, “TrueActive Dampers were created to empower the suspension system with the ability to simultaneously deliver what the driver wants, what the tyres want, and what the vehicle needs to attain a performance envelope and level of vehicle control far beyond what is possible with electronically adaptive and semi-active systems. This truly innovative technology is the culmination of Multimatic’s experience with vehicle dynamics optimisation, suspension system development, and unique spool-valve damping, embedded in a product that provides optimal on-track capability and on-road driveability.”

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