Ansible Motion and AB Dynamics integrate operations


Effective from October 2023, the Ansible Motion and AB Dynamics simulator businesses are now an integrated partnership, working under the Ansible Motion brand. The combined operation brings together the companies’ collective experience in automotive simulators, with over 30 high dynamic Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulators operational worldwide.

Plans are underway to expand Ansible Motion’s R&D and manufacturing headquarters in Norfolk, UK, with a satellite facility retained at its existing location in Bradford-on-Avon, UK. With an expanding network of regional offices (now including North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific), Ansible Motion can offer more customers local sales and technical support.

The business integration creates a broader simulation product portfolio, together with the combining of key staff and infrastructure, which is intended to strengthen the companies’ technical capabilities, collective experience, and capacity to satisfy a market poised for growth. Experienced staff from AB Dynamics’ simulator division will join Ansible Motion, ensuring a smooth transition for all existing customers whilst increasing its commercial and engineering resources. Dan Clark will join as Ansible Motion’s managing director, and Ansible Motion’s founder Kia Cammaerts will continue as technical director.

AB Dynamics’ range of aVDS simulator products will be integrated into Ansible Motion’s product catalogue, which includes the Delta, Sigma and Theta series simulators. Expertise from both companies will nurture all future product developments under the Ansible Motion brand.

Ansible Motion’s technology has earned a Vehicle Dynamics International Award

Ansible Motion will assume responsibility for all ground vehicle DIL simulator development, manufacturing and sales under AB Dynamics Group. Ansible Motion will also manage service and after-sales support for all DIL simulator products, covering over 30 existing dynamic simulator installations around the world, including aVDS simulators. The new organisation will accelerate closer collaboration with rFpro (also an AB Dynamics Group company), offering Ansible Motion customers end-to-end simulation solutions encompassing hardware, software, integration, consultancy and aftermarket support.

AB Dynamics’ and Ansible Motion’s simulator businesses have achieved what they call “unprecedented growth” over the last year, with seven new large dynamic driving simulators being delivered to a range of OEM, motorsport and academia customers in the UK, Germany, Hungary, USA, China and Australia. The integration of the simulator business may lead to further transformations in scale and structure.

Kia Cammaerts, Ansible Motion’s technical director, stated “I’m proud that Ansible Motion is expanding with this influx of skills, which will ensure it continues to be a global leader in Driver-in-the-Loop simulation. Strengthened by AB Dynamics’ wider automotive expertise and by a larger geographical footprint and increased regional support in growing markets, Ansible Motion’s DIL simulators will remain at the leading edge in their mission to safely place humans into early and frequent contact with imagined vehicles and systems, helping vehicle manufacturers develop increasingly sophisticated products.”

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