ContiTech spring strut mounts receive award


ContiTech has received an award in the Chassis/Hardware category of the SPE Automotive Innovation Awards, in recognition of an innovative chassis component the company developed for the Cadillac CT6. Since 1970, the SPE Automotive Innovation Award has been awarded by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) for innovative plastic solutions in the automotive sector.

This winning component in question is the first spring strut mount in the world to be made made from BASF’s Ultramid material, designed for use on both the front and rear suspensions of passenger cars.

The three-path mount is constructed from a mix of materials, with the central component consisting of a fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, claimed to provide a 30% weight saving compared with conventional spring strut mounts made from aluminum or steel, as well as a longer service life and the ability to withstand very high shock loads.

Another functional advantage is that the spring strut mount ensures that only minimal counter-torque acts on the shock absorber. This means that this component is also under less stress which, in turn, enhances vehicle safety, while at the same time, a highly insulating rubber element enhances ride comfort.

“For us, receiving the SPE Award is comparable with receiving an Oscar in the film industry. We are proud of the joint development work with our customer General Motors as well as the appreciation demonstrated by this prestigious award,” stated Kai Frühauf, head of ContiTech’s vibration bontrol business unit, who accepted the award on behalf of his team in Detroit, Michigan, together with representatives from General Motors and BASF.


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