dSpace updates ECU production code generator


dSpace, a developer of integrated hardware and software tools for developing and testing electronic control units, has launched a new version of its TargetLink production code generator, which now supports the Adaptive Autosar standard for UCUs. The scope of support for Adaptive Autosar in TargetLink version 5.0 will be expanded in the coming months, with input from users.

The TargetLink 5.0 system will enable software developers to develop Adaptive Autosar models and generate the code required for them. According to dSpace, the focus of supporting the new standard is initially on the model reuse of non- and Classic Autosar models. This means that TargetLink users can also use existing non- or Classic Autosar models for Adaptive Autosar with TargetLink 5.0 and later. Users can model Adaptive Autosar in the TargetLink Data Dictionary in the same way as Classic AUTOSAR, to maintain ease of modelling.

Starting with the initial release of Adaptive Autosar, pre-releases of future TargetLink versions with Adaptive Autosar support are now available that will enable users to test and evaluate the advantages of the new functionalities at an early stage of development.

Once the preliminary versions have been iteratively extended, the functionalities for Adaptive Autosar support will be included in dSpace Release 2020-B in autumn 2020.

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