Hyundai i20 N gains KW V3 coilover option


The latest Hyundai i20 N (BC3), the 204hp sports hatchback, is now available with KW’s V3 coilover suspension as an option. The stainless steel suspension is independently adjustable in compression and rebound and is designed for improved residual ride comfort and driving dynamics compared to the already well-engineered standard suspension.

The KW V3 coilover suspension has multi-valve damper technology, and even at its lowest setting, will dampen forces in everyday driving and give more precise handling. The parts certificate for the KW V3 coilover suspension on the i20 N covers an additional adjustable lowering of 10 to 30mm on the drive axle and rear axle.

“Compared to many other suspensions in the aftermarket and tuning segment, our coilovers, with their adjustable multi-valve technology, offer the best possible compromise between sporty handling and ride comfort,” stated KW’s brand manager, Florian Johann.

If the preset KW suspension setup is too comfortable or too firm for some drivers, the damping in the low-speed range of the compression and rebound stages of the KW V3 are easily independently adjustable in just a few steps. 12 clicks are available for the low-speed compression stage, and 16 clicks for the low-speed rebound stage. The high-speed valves, which are only activated by fast piston rod movements, are not adjustable on the KW V3.

How it works

The low-speed rebound damping influences handling and roll comfort at slow speeds. Adjustments to the compression stage mainly affect the vehicle body’s pitching and rolling movements as well as turn-in behaviour. If the valves are opened, the low-speed compression stage is reduced, and the vehicle body dips or leans more quickly during steering movements. When the compression damping is increased, the piston rod immerses more slowly, and as a result the Hyundai i20 N will handle better.

“The stiffer the compression damping and rebound damping are set, the more precise the steering response becomes, and the car body support is increased,” continues Florian Johann. “At very high vertical wheel accelerations, the high-speed valves open in the KW V3 and the wheels can compress when driving over bridge cross joints or bumps.”

A KW V3 Clubsport coilover suspension with a track-focused design and motorsport components will also be released shortly for the Hyundai i20 N, making it even better on track days.

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