Liqui Moly’s inspirational response to an economic downturn


Many automotive industry suppliers are responding to the Covid-19 situation in different ways, but Ernst Prost, managing director of the oil and additive specialist, Liqui Moly, has outlined a positive approach that could prove useful for other companies in the supply chain. In a circular letter to his colleagues, Prost describes the various effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the economy and how companies are dealing with it. For him, the crisis could present opportunity, which is why the medium-sized company is taking some simple and appropriate measures to secure its position for the future.

This is Ernst Prost’s letter:

 Dear colleagues, esteemed co-entrepreneurs! 

This crisis is too severe to be allowed to pass unused. We see companies standing with their backs to the wall or close to the abyss. Many will not be able to make it on their own and therefore need state support, i.e. tax money, in order to survive. We also see companies that surrender to their destiny in an almost fatalistic way, show no commitment whatsoever, let alone resistance, and do nothing else to cheat their fate. The short-time work caused by the coronavirus is now directly coupled with the holiday period … Well, if it fits – but please don’t moan and groan about it. 

For our part, we have decided to make good use of the opportunities presented by this crisis. After all, one should never let a good crisis go to waste … But what we have done is relatively simple. Basically, we have ‘only’ significantly increased our usual activities. No, we haven’t done anything else; we have merely done more. More advertising, more sponsorship, more sales promotion, more campaigns and activities – simply worked harder. And, of course, invested more money. And hired 36 people … 

This resistance and rebellion program has led to an improvement in our relative strength compared to our competitors. You don’t have to be the best. It’s enough to be better than the others. This also applies to intelligence … 🙂 and most of the time you can get ahead by simply getting down to it and slogging away. And the game also goes ‘mano a mano’. Field staffer against field staffer. Sales rep against sales rep. May the best seller win! In addition to the radiance of our brand, the unbeatable sales strength of our customer service teams remains the main reason for our success. How can I hope to win the sporting competition for the customer if I don’t have any sales staff? Admittedly, a lot of the action happens on the internet – but not everything. And deals are still done between real people. We take care of our customers – personally! This has a very positive effect, especially in difficult times. 

Finally, allow me to look ahead to the weekend. At long last, we will be visible again at a Formula 1 race. I hope for many beautiful pictures with our brand in the background, for an accident-free race, and for many positive impulses to buy, which we will hopefully soon find reflected in our sales statistics … With that in mind, please let us continue to fight the good fight. For every litre of oil, for every care product, for every can of additives – for every order and for every customer, day and night! 

Best regards, 


Ernst Prost 

Managing Director 

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