Tenneco expands Monroe Intelligent Suspension portfolio


Tenneco has announced that it is to add two new advanced suspension technologies to its Monroe Intelligent Suspension portfolio by the end of 2015. CVSA2 (above left), the newest generation of Tenneco’s continuously variable semi-active suspension, will be launched on a luxury supercar, while the latest Dual Mode adaptive shock absorbers (above right) will debut on the 2016 Ford Focus RS.

“Monroe Intelligent Suspension is the key to a differentiated driving experience, said Enrique Orta, executive vice president, Tenneco Ride Performance. “We are delighted to work with our original equipment (OE) customers to help deliver the driving experiences that precisely reflect the specific brand characteristics of the vehicles concerned.”

The Focus RS’ Dual Mode dampers use a valve in the shock absorber that opens or closes to provide firmer damping for increased road holding when desired. The driver can switch between standard or sport settings via a dashboard button depending on ride preference or driving situation. In addition to enhancing driving pleasure, Dual Mode provides an increased feeling of security in the sport setting under challenging road or driving conditions.

“We are delighted that Ford has chosen to debut our Dual Mode suspension on its first-ever RS model equipped with selectable drive modes,” said Sandro Paparelli, vice president and general manager, Tenneco Europe Ride Performance. “We are particularly proud to participate in the development of the Focus RS suspension as the exciting RS range is known for setting technology trends.”

CVSA2 is Tenneco’s newest generation of lightweight semi-active dampers. It offers significant improvements in ride performance from single valve technology as each damper features two independent electro-hydraulic valves for the rebound and compression motions to provide an increased tuning range for even greater vehicle dynamics and higher comfort levels.

Dual Mode is an adaptive suspension solution for the small and medium vehicle segments, offering drivers the choice of different suspension modes, a feature previously only available to the large and luxury vehicle segments. The switchable shock absorbers offer drivers a choice of suspension modes by using an intelligent valve that opens or closes to provide softer damping for improved comfort, or firmer damping for a more muscular ride.

Tenneco’s first-generation of semi-active suspension systems have been launched on 37 vehicle models, which has provided the foundation for further growth in advanced suspension technologies. Tenneco is currently quoting applications for Dual Mode on four new compact and mid-sized vehicle platforms and a further five new applications for CVSA2 on luxury vehicles.

“We see a significant increase in interest for Monroe Intelligent Suspension as consumers demand a more interactive and dynamic driving experience,” Orta said. “We are confident that our significant experience in intelligent suspension technologies and the strength of our Monroe brand position us for continued growth.”

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