BAC reveals details of the BAC Mono supercar


Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has unveiled the Mono, its new supercar which will be the company’s core product. The Mono is no 911 or GTR rival – it is a road-legal single-seater supercar that can perform equally well over a mountain pass or on a racetrack.

Key to the Mono’s flexibility is the unique suspension and damping setup, a proprietary technology that BAC has been evolving for over 10 years. During this time, the geometry arrangement has been refined, now realising 50% more anti-dive on the front and 50% more anti-squat on the rear, which in-turn increases body control and optimises handling performance and accessibility.

Both the suspension and the two-way adjustable racing dampers have been tuned to deliver both road and track performance. The setup – both front and rear – is an adjustable pushrod activated twin-wishbone system with needle roller-bearing mounting bell cranks that result in lower frictional losses.

BAC has collaborated with Pirelli to create a range of tyres for the car, from the Mono-specific Trofeo R tyre, to slick and wet options.

The BAC Mono features two-way adjustable racing dampers

Great power-to-weight

The powertrain has been engineered to deliver linear and progressive performance – no turbos, but instead a naturally-aspirated 2.5-litre powertrain, which revs to 8,000rpm, developing 320PS (311hp) and 313Nm (231 lb-ft) of torque.

The engine features forged connecting rods and forged pistons; performance-focused camshafts and uprated valve springs; an enhanced induction system with individual throttle bodies; an intake system with an aero-optimised carbon fibre inlet; a remote filtration system and a new carbon airbox. For the latter subsystem, a smaller and more compact unit has been designed to match the car’s specific power requirements, including seamless mid-range torque.

A six-speed motorsport-derived sequential transmission is mounted at the rear, with configurable gear ratios depending on the owner’s specific requirements.

The Mono’s lightweight structure, which includes graphene-infused carbon panels, weighs just 570kg (1,257lbs), with a weight distribution of 41% front and 59% rear. Combined with that powertrain, this means a power-to-weight ratio of 546hp-per-tonne, and a 0-60mph time of just 2.7 seconds.

Production of the new Mono supercar from BAC has already commenced at the company’s HQ facility in Liverpool, UK, with orders already placed from around the world.

Indeed BAC says the order book is healthy. As Chris Lockhart, head of global sales for BAC, stated: “Demand for this new supercar is unprecedented. In fact, such has been the interest, we’ve already taken orders on the Mono before its official unveiling, with the first example due to be delivered immediately following the event.”

The BAC Mono may look like a track special, but its suspension has also been tuned for fast road driving

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