Active suspension company receives major investment and order


ClearMotion, a software-defined chassis company, has announced a US$32 million investment in its active chassis technology, which replaces a car’s shock absorbers with fast-acting software and actuators that sense road irregularities and pull and push each wheel to mitigate vehicle motion across uneven road surfaces. Participating investors include NewView Capital, Acadia Woods, BAI Capital, NIO Capital, Liberty Street and others.

The company has also secured a “significant production order” from an EV automaker, which it says will ensure its ClearMotion1 (CM1) system will be accessible to consumers next year.

CM1 is a high-bandwidth active suspension technology designed to improve vehicle ride comfort, productivity and safety by cancelling unwanted motion in the car. CM1 can be integrated with infotainment systems to deliver an immersive in-cabin experience.

The volume production order has been secured from what ClearMotion describes as “an influential electric vehicle original equipment manufacturer”, the identity of which will be disclosed later this year. The company says the order will facilitate the transition of ClearMotion1 units into the industrialisation phase of product development.

This latest investment follows a US$39 million investment led by NIO Capital, announced in September 2022. As the driver-assistance technology market size is projected to reach over US$124 billion by 2029 (Fortune research), ClearMotion will now concentrate on bringing its technology to market.

“This is an exciting time for the company and one that marks a monumental shift from development to public availability. This investment, combined with the significant production order, brings us closer to our goal of making our CM1 technology accessible to a wider audience,” said Christian Steinmann, CEO of ClearMotion, “Our focus now is to establish strategic relationships with trusted manufacturers, ensuring that drivers and passengers can fully experience the transformational benefits of our system.”

Tim Connor, partner at NewView Capital, explained the investment: “ClearMotion is set to redefine the way people spend time in cars, transforming it into a productive and entertaining experience. Their recent production order highlights the immense market potential for ClearMotion’s product lineup and the distinct competitive edge they have in terms of innovation and market-readiness. We are thrilled to back them as they embark on this exciting new chapter.”

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