BMW M4 GT4 to be equipped with KW Solid Piston shocks


BMW’s recently revealed M4 GT4 racecar for the 2023 motorsports season will be delivered to all global BMW Motorsport customers equipped with two-way adjustable KW Solid Piston shocks. The announcement follows many years of partnership between BMW and KW, the automotive suspension manufacturer.

KW produces BMW M Performance Parts for select BMW production cars and equips limited series models with coilover suspension kits from the factory, including the M3 CTR, M3 GTS and M4 GTS. KW Racing suspension kits are also used in customer cup cars such as BMW M235i Racing and BMW M240i Racing, the BMW Z4 GT3, M6 GT3 – and the M4 GT3, with its five-way damping adjustable KW V6 Racing dampers.

In comparison to racecars in the GT3 class, a GT4 car is closer to a standard mass-production vehicle. Depending on regulations and balance-of-performance the turbocharged 3.0-litre straight-six M4 GT4 engine has a power output of 550hp via a seven-speed automatic gearbox, with a Drexler LSD and motorsport transmission software delivering power to the rear axle.

The M4 GT4 features two-way adjustable KW Racing dampers that meet with GT4 regulations. The dampers feature KW’s Solid Piston Technology, which means that hydraulic fluid does not permeate the working piston and enables greater use of hydraulic forces. Even with low suspension travel, KW says the suspension damps harmoniously, providing support to the car body, tyre grip and direct handling.

Drivers can set the dampers to their personal preferences too. The ergonomically shaped adjustment dials fitted directly on the damper can be used to set the low-speed compression stage and low-speed rebound stage. The vehicle’s centre of gravity and ground clearance can also be adjusted via the adjustable KW spring perches.

In autumn 2022, KW will deliver the first batch of GT4 Racing dampers to BMW’s motorsport department, which will then start manufacturing the first BMW M4 GT4s for the 2023 motorsport season in October. The BMW M4 GT4 Concept (#482) will start as a pre-production racecar under the BMW M Motorsport banner at the 24-hour race in Portimão, Portugal.

The 2023 M4 GT4 racecar will be equipped with KW’s two-way adjustable KW Solid Piston shocks

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