BMW Group upgrades driving simulator


BMW Group has upgraded to a Delta S3 driving simulator from Ansible Motion, which it will use to acquire more accurate and representative data to develop, refine and validate vehicles and technologies virtually.

Ansible Motion is a specialist in Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) vehicle simulation technology, and it has made several improvements to S3, the third-generation Delta system, to create an immersive motion tool for engineers developing vehicle dynamics setups. The company says that while some DIL systems use legacy hexapod and gaming motion platforms that can struggle to replicate the feeling drivers need in situations such as simultaneous braking and turning, Ansible Motion has expanded the range and fidelity of its patented S3 motion base.

The base offers six degrees of freedom with fully independent surge, sway and yaw as well as heave, pitch and roll, and BMW Group’s engineers will benefit from the S3’s larger motion space, with 4m of travel in surge and sway, and greater than 360° yaw travel.

The Delta S3’s low overall height and weight means that it can be mounted without floor reinforcements, minimising associated installation costs and time. A quick-change system allows vehicle cabins or cockpits to be switched over in less than 20 minutes.

For motorsport applications, the Delta S3 ensures motions can be sustained for longer durations to create realistic experiences such as long cornering or sustained G-forces. The system can accelerate quickly and replicate highly dynamic manoeuvres, suitable for EV powertrain and torque mapping.

To achieve an immersive environment, BMW Group’s new vision system will be upgraded to include LED projectors to recreate a vivid experience, with high-resolution graphics.

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