KTM to use VI-Grade software for vehicle development


VI-grade has announced that Austrian manufacturer, KTM Sportcar, will use VI-SportsCar to help develop its road and race cars.

In detail, VI-SportsCar will be used on the KTM X-Bow vehicle to carefully analyze vehicle dynamics and to reduce lap time. VI-Grade state that by using VI-grade driver controller, which is based on the data of the X-Bow, KTM will be able to derive new models from that for either road or race use. The software will be used for the development of vehicle dynamics, as well as the evaluation of loads on different relevant points of the car.

“We understood right from the beginning that VI-SportsCar could have helped us in setting up race cars in the best way” says Juergen Gumpinger, managing director, KTM-Sportcar. “To avoid high development and testing costs, we decided to use the software to obtain a robust initial design as well as to achieve a good start setup for the race track. We also particularly appreciated the integration of VI-SportsCar into the reliable general-purpose MSC Adams software, as well as the capability of meeting the objectives thanks to the special knowledge in race cars shown by the VI-grade team.”

“We are very excited about the collaboration with KTM Sportcar” says Guido Bairati, sales director of VI-grade. “We are looking forward to supporting the success of this well-known company, supporting the team to better understand the physics and the behaviour of their car in different conditions, ultimately enabling them develop even better cars.”

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