Maplesoft and Noesis Solutions form software partnership


Noesis Solutions and Maplesoft is in partnership to bring together products from both companies, which will help engineers create superior products while reducing development costs. The two companies have developed an interface between Optimus from Noesis Solutions, and Maple and MapleSim from Maplesoft.

The connection, which is implemented as Direct Interface in Optimus, allows MapleSim and Maple users to easily apply design optimization technology from Optimus to find the best parameter values for their complex designs, while continuing to take advantage of the flexible design environments and tools of MapleSim and Maple. Optimus users can now add Maple and MapleSim as system simulation software tools in their design and development. A combination of MapleSim, Maple and Optimus gives users sophisticated ways of doing parameter studies for efficient designs in complex engineering processes.

Dr. Laurent Bernardin, executive vice president and chief scientist at Maplesoft said, “Balancing different design objectives is always a challenge, and it is even more difficult when different simulation tools are used to measure different aspects of the project. Now MapleSim and Maple users can incorporate their designs into the Optimus framework to leverage high-powered parameter optimization techniques across their entire project.”

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