New ADAS tools added to Panthera Free simulator software


Following an in-depth review, including feedback from existing users, driving simulator and simulator software specialist, Cruden, has updated Panthera Free, the free-to-use version of its Panthera simulator software. The main upgrade is the addition of ADAS Toolbox, an experimental environment in MATLAB/Simulink that allows automotive engineers and researchers to create any ADAS controller they want and then introduce it to the driving simulator.

Cruden has simplified the model parameterisation interface to suit users who are more familiar with MATLAB/Simulink, which makes the transition much simpler than before. This simplified model, which relies on fewer S-functions (the compiled codes in Simulink) and external toolboxes, is designed to encourage the user to conduct further experiments with the model and even create their own.

Panthera Free can be used with almost any vehicle model, including VI-CarRealTime, IPG CarMaker, veDYNA, CarSim, Dymola, dSPACE ASM or SIMPACK for single-channel desktop simulations. Users can also use Cruden’s in-house developed Simulink vehicle model, CSVM-Lite, which comes as part of the package.

Martijn de Mooij, technical development manager at Cruden said, “With the increased relevance of ADAS testing – for instance automatic ABS, lane-keeping, advanced cruise control – and the reliance on simulations to validate vehicle parameters safely in the virtual world, Cruden has placed greater emphasis on the interfacing tools to encourage further development in this area of the vehicle development process.

“Cruden’s focus is on delivering a positive and intuitive user experience and we are confident the new upgrades will facilitate the development of highly accurate driving simulations and specialised vehicle modelling creations. Importantly, Panthera Free remains just that – free!,” added de Mooij.

To promote collaborative development and community support, users can join the Panthera Free forum. This online support platform allows users to share best practices with each other and encourage deeper development using the single-channel Panthera Free software.

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