Pratt Miller acquires DiL driving simulator


Pratt Miller, a UK-based engineering consultancy, has acquired an AB Dynamics Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS), primarily for use in motorsport applications. The driver-in-the-loop (DiL) simulator will be installed in Q4 this year and is expected to be operational by January 2024.

The simulator utilises high-bandwidth linear actuators to deliver 6DoF (six degree of freedom) dynamic performance, with high acceleration and frequency response, and minimal latency across the full range of motion. When combined with virtual content from rFpro (an AB Dynamics company) and the latest audio, visual and haptic technology, a highly immersive driving experience is created.

The motion platform can be quickly configured to take a variety of payloads up to 500kg, facilitating the installation of real vehicle cabins. As such, it can be used across a breadth of applications at Pratt Miller, including vehicle dynamics, ADAS and autonomous systems, durability, hardware-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop and driver monitoring.

“Pratt Miller are world-class experts in their field, having had success in NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, and WEC; including nine Le Mans class wins”, said Dave Kirkman, technical director at AB Dynamics. “They have unparalleled expertise in extracting maximum value from DiL technology. This recent acquisition, following their thorough market assessment, is further proof of the ongoing effectiveness of the aVDS for both high-level motorsport and automotive vehicle development. We look forward to seeing continued success for Pratt Miller both on, and off, the racetrack.”

AB Dynamics’ aVDS driving simulator with a Formula 1 car in place

Pratt Miller will use the simulator for applications including motorsport simulation

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