Virtual suspension test benches


Automotive Testing Expo Europe will play host to dSPACE’s latest simulation tools. The German company will debut its automotive simulation models (ASM) that now support the simulation of virtual test benches for vehicle dynamics analysis. The new ASM Kinematics and Compliance (ASM KnC) provides functions for designing and simulating wheel suspensions on a virtual test bench, thereby opening up a new, innovative application field.

Users can now run virtual tests for numerous vehicle variants and driving maneuvers to optimize vehicle suspensions and make them available for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) applications. The software tool also provides preset configurations for common suspension types: MacPherson, double wishbone, and 3-link, 4-link or multilink suspensions. These can also be combined with subframes.

ASM KnC’s automation interface can also be used to forecast the individual properties of materials to meet higher target criteria for vehicle dynamics. Because the simulation parameters correlate directly with the real vehicle design, dSPACE states that test engineers can optimize the vehicle dynamics behavior much more efficiently.

For more information on ASM’s KnC simulation tools, visit stand 1440 at Automotive Testing Expo Europe, 4-6 June 2013.

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