The world’s most beautiful motorsport simulator?


Many suppliers of simulation systems make claims of offering the finest technology, using metrics such as being the most powerful, the fastest or most realistic system. Prodrive has a different claim with its latest racing simulators: they say it is the “most beautiful”, with styling that sets new standards and which is “as much a piece of art as it is technically advanced”.

The styling is courtesy of a very familiar name in the automotive world ­- renowned designer, Ian Callum – and uses a mixture of natural materials and carbon composites to create a simulator that could also be considered a piece of designer furniture.

The simulator is the idea of Prodrive’s chairman, David Richards. He said: “Most racing simulators on the market today are very functional but not particularly attractive. What I wanted was something that was more like a piece of modern art; something you would be proud to have on display in your home like a grand piano or sculpture, indeed something that would not look out of place in a gallery of contemporary art.”

Last year, Richards approached CALLUM (Ian Callum’s studio), which was already closely involved in the Prodrive Dakar project, to create some concepts.

Ian Callum said: “Designing the simulator was a great opportunity to create something technically stimulating as well as visually abstract.”

The first Prodrive motorsport simulators will be manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Banbury, UK and will be available in summer 2022. Full details and specification of the simulator will be released in the coming weeks.

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