VI-grade adds Brüel & Kjær simulators to product line


Automotive simulation specialist, VI-grade, has incorporated the entire range of NVH simulation software and NVH driving simulators from sister company, Brüel & Kjær, into its product line. Both companies belong to the same business platform – HBK ‘Hottinger, Brüel & Kjaer’ – and the move opens new opportunities to combine technologies from the companies.

As part of the restructure, Brüel & Kjær’s Dekstop NVH Simulator and Full Vehicle NVH Simulator systems – used to enable designers to create and evaluate virtual NVH prototypes – will join VI-grade’s existing driving simulator product line, which already includes the Desktop, Compact, Static and Dynamic simulators (DiM series).

“The NVH Simulator technology is a perfect fit with the VI-grade technology platform, since the purpose and use of the NVH Simulator parallels that of the other VI-grade technologies and simulators,” said Dave Bogema, product manager, NVH refinement at VI-grade. “Incorporating the NVH Simulator capabilities into the VI-grade portfolio will enable our customers to engineer multiple vehicle attributes with an integrated set of simulation tools and simulators. The use and experience of virtual prototypes encompassing NVH, vehicle dynamics, ride and comfort, ADAS, AV and HMI can now be realised in concert, greatly increasing development efficiency across all these attributes.”

NVH simulation enables competitors’ vehicles and previous models to be ‘driven’ in highly realistic scenarios so engineers can quantify their hypotheses. When working with NVH in the development of a ground vehicle, it is important to tune components to ensure the vehicle will have the desired sound (internally and externally) and vibration. The more accurate and early in the design phase these properties can be evaluated, the more value the tool will have, since it is more expensive to make modifications when the car is in the assembly stage.

”Today VI-grade provides reliable driving simulator solutions for the entire frequency range, helping customers bridge the gap between testing and simulation in an even more consistent way for all different disciplines,” added said Guido Bairati, VP of sales and marketing at VI-grade.

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