VI-grade adds NVH simulator to its range


An NVH simulator has been developed to address what its developers have identified as an “unmet need” of development engineers at OEMs and suppliers to fully and accurately experience vehicle vibration at all driver touchpoints, along with noise, using measurement technology with a small footprint.

The ‘Compact NVH Simulator’, so-named due to its compact dimensions, which allow it to be easily accommodated in an engineering office, and at a lower price point than a full-scale simulator.  VI-grade says the unit “brings NVH virtual prototypes to life”, making it easy to understand and evaluate NVH data and make decisions on NVH designs and content​.

The simulator can be applied to numerous factors, providing realistic evaluation of road noise and vibration on various surfaces, road impacts, and powertrain NVH phenomena such as cylinder deactivation, engine start/stop, idle, lugging boom, and others.

“To achieve an exceptionally stiff structure capable of delivering controlled, accurate vibrations to the evaluator, we have decided to make extensive usage of carbon fibre in our Compact NVH Simulator. Both the frame and the steering wheel are made of carbon fibre, ensuring that no vibration modes affect the response, allowing for accurate vibration experience,” said Dave Bogema, VI-grade’s director of NVH Solutions.

“Multiple electrodynamic shakers are used in the design to provide high vibration levels over a wide frequency range. An integrated touchscreen interface allows evaluators to easily control the simulator and provide feedback on the vehicles they are experiencing,” he added.

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