VI-grade brings active sound design into NVH simulation


Automotive simulation company, VI-grade, has entered into a partnership with Sound To Sight (STS), a specialist in sound design solutions for transportation. This alliance is intended to bring together the technical and creative expertise of both companies, combining NVH simulation and active sound design for vehicle development programmes.

Sound To Sight uses a unique sound design method to create tailored and brand-aligned sound profiles for vehicle manufacturers – what the company calls ‘immersive soundscapes’ that embody a brand’s identity and heritage. These sound designs can then be accurately reproduced and integrated into VI-grade’s NVH simulator, enabling test drivers and decision makers to experience and evaluate the tailored sound first-hand during simulated driving scenarios ahead of the physical prototyping stage.

“Combining Sound To Sight’s sound design expertise together with real-time human-in-the-loop virtual prototype simulations provided by VI-grade simulators exemplifies our commitment to the zero-prototype strategy,” commented Guido Bairati, managing director of VI-grade. “Vehicle design and development teams can decide on the exact right sound of the vehicle, evaluating the holistic vehicle experience of the sound design sound in context with all other sounds, vibration, motion and other factors in a dynamic, virtual environment, much more efficiently, and long before a physical prototype could be made.”

“We are thrilled about this new partnership, which has already demonstrated success through a collaborative customer project in 2022 with a renowned Italian car manufacturer”, added Antoine Châron, co-founder of Sound To Sight. “VI-grade and STS have worked together on an interior active sound design project, achieving impressive results thanks to the synergistic expertise of the two companies. We look forward to embark on this strategic partnership and pushing the boundaries of unique sound design.”

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