VI-grade partners with iMotions


VI-grade, a provider of software products and services for advanced applications in system-level simulation, has entered into a partnership with iMotions, the developer of a software platform for studying human behaviour, with a view to advancing driving simulator research.

The partners will integrate iMotions’ biosensor research platform into VI-grade’s driving simulators, enabling users to seamlessly study and process behavioural and simulation data in one platform.

The partnership include three key advances in behavioural and simulation processing:

• Documenting sessions with combined video and biometric recordings, allowing qualitative observation in real time and after the fact

• Deriving insights from biosensors that can reveal states such as distraction, stress, and frustration when solving tasks under different conditions

• Applied use cases can be accelerated in the areas of HMI and usability, driver experience, and infrastructure testing

“Technological advances are transforming the auto experience in ways that necessitate a deeper understanding and analysis of real human behaviour,” said Peter Hartzbech, CEO of iMotions A/S. “We’ve developed a joint, state-of-the-art, integrated solution that provides deeper insight into how users perceive, understand, and decide to interact with simulation and, ultimately, the real world. Our customers now can access, in a single platform, live streams of data from the simulator, along with physiological and behavioural data from the participant, such as eye-tracking, heart rate, skin conductance, brain activity, facial expressions, and much more.”

“We have noticed a significant growth in demand for understanding human cognition, visual attention, emotion and behaviour in driving simulator research”, added Tony Spagnuolo, VP of business development at VI-grade. “By integrating the iMotions software platform into our driving simulators, we are able to provide our customers access to more detailed insights into drivers’ performance, cognitive and emotional states. To ensure a native application of the software, we have included iMotions in our VI-Certified Program, our elevated partner program aimed at validating third-party software operation of VI-grade simulators.”

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