Hyundai Mobis invests to eliminate torque ripple


Dynamometer systems company, Sakor Technologies, has developed and delivered a system for Hyundai Mobis, the world’s sixth-largest Tier 1 supplier. The dynamometer will be used by Hyundai Mobis’ corporate engineering group in South Korea for engineering validation and performance evaluation of electric motors in electric steering systems, and the ECUs that directly control those motors. The system is intended to benefit vehicle dynamics, ensuring that steering operates smoothly, with no perceptible torque ripple felt by the driver.

The system features a 1.5kW, four-quadrant AC dynamometer, as well as a high-voltage battery simulator which provides repeatable accurate test results for the electric steering components. The testing system communicates with the ECU via a CAN bus (Controller Area Network).

“We are very pleased to provide Hyundai Mobis with this very precise system for conducting vibration and resonance testing on designs for the entire line of electric steering systems,” said Randal Beattie, president of Sakor. “With this system they can be assured that motors and controls will operate over their full performance range with absolutely minimal torque ripple.”

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