Titan develops steer-by-wire system for low-volume market


Titan, a manufacturer of electric steering systems for lower-volume vehicle manufacturers, has launched a steer-by-wire system the company says can be tuned to suit a wide spectrum of next-gen vehicles, from electric hypercars to delivery trucks or an automated vehicles. The design can also be ordered for anything from one-off projects to 100 unit/month volumes.

Details are limited at this stage, but Paul Wilkinson, technical director at Titan, said of the design: “Our in-house developed technology optimises the relationship between the motor and the control system, resulting in a by-wire system that sets new standards.”

Titan designed, developed and manufactured the system in-house at its HQ in Cambridgeshire, UK, including a bespoke electric motor, and a bespoke electronic control system, biased to 48-volts. As well as being tune-able for individual applications, the by-wire system is also scalable for applications with challenging packaging requirements.

“The system is a highly tune-able toolbox, enabling lower-volume next-gen vehicle makers to calibrate steering responses exactly to application, whether an EV hypercar or electric truck, resulting in just the right ‘feel’ for the driver,” added Wilkinson. “What’s more, thanks to the company’s in-house expertise, we can close the loop, taking a system from clean-sheet design to full industrialisation under one roof, and do so rapidly.”

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