Drag wheels tested by STI


Standards Testing Laboratories (STL) in Massillon, Ohio, USA has been testing drag race wheels to meet SFI Foundation (SFI) specifications. SFI is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment. The organization has a relationship with more than 200 race sanctioning bodies, providing an SFI standard compliance label for use on race-related products.

Arnie Kuhns, president of SFI Foundation, said, “Drag cars are reaching speeds in excess of 320mph and that entire load from the motor has to go through the wheel. It is our goal to make racing as safe as possible, which is why we evolve our requirements to deal with faster, more powerful cars.”

To ensure the manufactured product complies with approved SFI specs, STL identifies weaknesses commonly found in drag race wheels utilizing its Road Hazard Impact Machine, Radial Fatigue 2 Position Tire Test Machine and Dynamic Cornering Fatigue Machine.

“Our Road Hazard Impact Test Machine, for example, simulates the wheel stand slam often performed in drag racing, testing front wheels for weakness after that type of impact,” said Cheryl Schnuth, vice president, marketing, Standards Testing Laboratories. “The Dynamic Cornering Fatigue Machine tests the mounting face and support.”

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