London’s black cabs to be fitted with TPMS


The classic black taxi, a quintessential part of London life, will now be equipped with the latest in tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). NIRA has been awarded the contract to supply indirect TPMS to LEVC, the taxi manufacturer formerly known as London Taxi Company, and the first TPI (tire pressure indicator) has already been installed to the first electric taxi vehicles in London.

NIRA Dynamics reports that its many years of experience working with Volvo Cars was an important part in the selection of TPI. This is because the LEVC TX is based on the Volvo SPA platform, which is equipped with TPI from NIRA. TPI is a good match for the electric taxis the system has a smaller environmental impact than sensor-based (direct) TPMS.

“No batteries means no electronic waste and less environmental impact, sometimes it is just as simple as that,” stated Jörg Sturmhoebel, business development manager at NIRA Dynamics.

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