New Michelin tire for decade-old Porsche


In partnership with Michelin, Porsche has developed a new tire for the Carrera GT. The tire is said to noticeably enhance the handling of the 1,270 examples of the sportscar built between 2003 and 2006. The new Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire, which now replaces the current Pilot Sport PS2 tire on the Carrera GT, brings together the findings of 10 years’ worth of tire development to give drivers improved handling, faster lap times and a more harmonious driving experience overall.

Porsche claims that drivers will feel increased stability at top speeds of 330km/h as well as an improvement in the behavior of the car at high lateral acceleration speeds. This is due to the new structure of the tire, which features the Porsche specification ‘N0’ on the sidewalls. The tread compound of the Pilot Super Sport tire is based on dual-compound technology whereby different rubber compounds are used for the inside and outside of the tread. This concept is said to maximum grip on bends and highly precise steering. The belt is made from a highly durable mix of aramid fibers, which are five times lighter than steel but deliver the same tensile strength.

In addition, the variable contact area distributes the pressure evenly across the tire so that as much of the tread as possible is always in contact with the road. Compared to the previous tire, mileage savings of up to 10% on normal roads can be achieved and as much as 20% when used on tough racetracks.

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