A new way for the car-buying public to assess vehicle dynamics


OEMs are usually rightly proud of the dynamics of their latest vehicles, but the proof for customers comes during a test drive. It is usually the poor sales teams at dealerships that have to experience prospective customers ‘evaluating’ a vehicle’s dynamics during test drives on public roads. They may be relieved to hear of a new option, developed by a sponsorship activation specialist alongside a major OEM over the past three years.

The company, Crunch Communications, has just launched AutoTest, designed to enable brands to put their guests in the driving seat. Users create a multi-configurable course of around 40m x 40m using a series of Smart Cone gates, each topped with GPS-based lights. The colour-coded LED lights denote the course for each driver – no two routes are identical – with a sequence of green and blue flashing lights for the driver to follow, with red lights signalling the end of the course.

When customers enter the AutoTest arena (no need for an expensive racetrack), they are joined by an instructor who can assist them with completing the course, typically in first and second gears only, with a lap usually lasting around 60 seconds, meaning  around 45 guests can be processed per hour. During each run, data is captured about the driver’s route, accuracy and time, giving potential customers an enjoyable way to try out the dynamic ability of a car, in a safe and controlled environment.

Peter Secchi, Director & Founder, Crunch Communications said that AutoTest “is lightweight and simple to install, but more importantly it is extremely engaging. It captures huge amounts of customer data thanks to the high flow-rate.”

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