AB Dynamics launches advanced pedal robot


AB Dynamics has launched the CBAR1000, the first, all-purpose pedal robot. The addition to the company’s portfolio makes AB Dynamics the only provider of both driving robots and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) targets in an integrated package.

By combining the high-power braking of its dedicated brake robots with a combined brake and accelerator robot (CBAR), the all-purpose pedal robot is suitable for every type of test track testing, including measurement of a vehicle’s ultimate braking performance. It has been designed to provide superior synchronisation of test vehicles and ADAS targets.

The CBAR1000 is fully compatible with AB Dynamics’ existing driving robots and controllers, ensuring quick and seamless integration and system upgrade, if required.

It was developed by the company in response to customer demand for a CBAR to provide a higher brake force, suitable for aggressive emergency stop brake testing. Like the proven and successful CBAR500, it has a compact form factor and offers ease of use, but with a higher brake force of 1,000N at a speed of 1,000mm/s.

A single servo actuator controls two pedals and precisely controls the vehicle-under-test’s speed. The CBAR can be used in ADAS tests, such as autonomous emergency braking and can be supplied with an optional safety brake actuator for use in AB Dynamics’ award-winning Driverless Test System.

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