Dynamometer partnership to serve India market


Sakor Technologies, a US-based manufacturer of vehicle dynamometer systems, has partnered with SAJ Test Plant, an India-based designer and manufacturer of eddy current and hydraulic dynamometers. The intention behind the partnership is to enable both companies to create local supply of the test equipment required to meet a recent Indian government mandate calling for electrifying a large majority of vehicle fleets by 2030. Under the terms of the partnership, SAJ will serve as the representative of Sakor’s products, including the AccuDyne AC dynamometer system, and the DynoLAB test cell control system.

“Our partnership is a great way for both companies to attack challenges together that would be difficult to handle separately,” said Randal Beattie, president of Sakor. “The combined capabilities of the two companies will enable us to service the new market for hybrid and electric vehicles in India over the next decade and beyond, helping to bring the government mandate into fruition. We were extremely pleased with the high level of interest in our expertise and products shown by the largest auto manufacturers in India.”

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