GPS-aided gyro system developed to aid ADAS testing


A new GPS-aided gyro system has been launched at Automotive Testing Expo North America by GeneSys in Germany, developed specifically for measurements of vehicle dynamics and driver assistance parameters in the automotive sector. The Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer (ADMA), permits high-precision dynamic measurement of all states of motion such as acceleration, velocity, position, rotational speed, position angle and slip angle.

ADMA 3.0 brings new functions, including an output rate of 1,000Hz with unlimited data records and a data latency of less than 1 millisecond. Besides CAN-bus interfaces, the device includes Ethernet interfaces for data output, configuration / updating and driving robots. In practice, such high data rates in real time are particularly valuable when developing driver assistance systems. For example, at 1,000Hz the longitudinal position of a vehicle moving at 62mph (100km/h) can spatially be resolved to less than 3cm.

ADMA offers centimetre-accurate measurement of distances or relative angles between several vehicles, making it suitable for AEB testing

Another new option is the Delta function, which enables centimetre-accurate measurement of distances, relative speed or relative angles between several vehicles in real-time just by interfacing two ADMAs via wi-fi. Now the set-up for testing all kinds of range-based sensors (e.g. RADAR or LIDAR) and ADAS systems (e.g. ACC, FCW and AEB) becomes more simple and reliable.

The general settings can now be configured quickly and easily via a web browser. The new Web interface replaces the previous ADMA System Software and is loaded with new functions.

Besides vehicle dynamics testing, the ADMA can also be used for evaluating driver assistance systems such as ACC, FCW, AEB and LDW.


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