Horiba MIRA invests in motion platform simulator


Automotive engineering services company, Horiba MIRA, has confirmed that its Vehicle Attribute Development Team are soon to benefit from a driver-in-the-loop simulator with a full-motion platform, to enhance their driver-centric and qualitative vehicle attribute engineering.

The investment is the first of its kind in the UK, says the company, and the simulator will enhances Horiba MIRA’s ability to develop brand-specific chassis, braking and steering performance.

The simulator – VI-grade’s DiM250 model – will help the team reduce the time needed to develop vehicles by moving engineering decisions upstream through building greater confidence in the virtual design process. The simulator can also help reduce the design phase cost and OEM carbon footprint by minimising reliance on prototype fleets, which can cost OEMs millions of dollars per vehicle programme. The VI-grade DiM250 will be commissioned and ready for use as part of Horiba MIRA’s vehicle attribute engineering services from Q1, 2023.

Guido Bairati, managing director of VI-grade said, “I’m very happy to confirm the adoption of our DiM250 Simulator at Horiba MIRA. This is going to be the first VI-grade Dynamic driving simulator to be installed in the UK, a country with an incredible automotive heritage and a great automotive industry that is seeking for such a tool to be used to increase innovation of their products and decrease the number of physical prototypes.”

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