Kistler enhances its digital transducer interface technology


Kistler has expanded the capacity of its digital transducer interface (DTI) datalogger technology and added a network function for several devices, with the aim of enabling efficient test setups and providing benefits such as automatic sensor detection. For car makers with limited test resources, DTI is designed to offer an efficient option of speeding up their processes.

Kistler provides users with an end-to-end measuring chain from sensors and the DTI logger to the user interface with KiCenter software – to perform, for instance, the vehicle dynamics straight-line braking test to DIN 70028 standards. The complex setup for configuring the sensors, transferring and synchronizing measurement data and supplying the power requires just a single cable, making for time-efficient testing.

The new DTI logger comes with eight DTI ports with 12 channels, so that a total of 96 sensors can be connected per logger. The system offers sampling rates of 500 to 20,000Hz and a power supply up to 240W. It is also now possible to link up three DTI loggers to a network with the new SyncSwitch, raising the connection capacity to a total of 288 sensors. All transducers connected to the DTI network are also automatically synchronized.

The DTI logger update and the advanced network capability provide an integrated system for efficient test setups and a variety of sensors that are easy to integrate, configure and put into operation. The measurement technology can be further optimized for specific customer requirements and provided as an all-in-one solution package for specific applications.

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