Kistler joins automotive testing alliance


Dynamic measurement technology company, Kistler Group, has joined the International Alliance for Mobility Testing & Standardization (IAMTS). The aim is to exchange knowledge among industry representatives in the alliance, with Kistler bringing expertise in vehicle testing and the development of vehicle safety systems.

IAMTS is an international association of companies and organisations that work in the field of testing, standardisation and certification of advanced mobility systems, with the aim of developing new test methods and coordinated standards for autonomous and intelligent driving. The working groups at IAMTS collaborate and exchange best practices to align test and validation methods to improve the quality and efficiency of simulated and physical vehicle tests.

A key part of Kistler’s input will be its technical knowledge and its portfolio of sensor and software technologies. “Our expertise in measurement technology, data management and data analysis covers the entire value chain, from research and development to vehicle testing and traffic monitoring,” stated Steffen Sauter, head of business development at Kistler.

Optical sensors from Kistler are used for validation of ADAS functions (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), vehicle behaviour or positioning systems, while its force and torque sensors are used for crash tests and measurements. The data collected can then be processed directly via the MaDaM measurement data management system or jBEAM post-processing software. Kistler’s Weigh in Motion systems (WIM) are used for traffic data acquisition by automatically weighing passing vehicles.

As a member of IAMTS, the Kistler Group will also contribute its experience in passive and active safety. “Expectations placed on modern vehicle safety are high, and the megatrends of autonomous driving and intelligently connected vehicles raise them even higher,” added Sauter. “We want to leverage our expertise to initiate a consistent approach and to continuously improve methods for modern vehicle testing.”

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