Kistler updates Correvit vehicle dynamics test system


Kistler has developed an updated version of its Correvit S-Motion vehicle dynamics test system for non-contact measurement of speed and slip angle. The system is designed for measurement of distance, speed (absolute, longitudinal, transverse) and angle for tests such as steady-state circular-course driving (ISO 4138). Accelerometers built into the unit provide longitudinal and transverse acceleration data, which is integrated with the optical speed and slip-angle information to reduce signal noise and a measurement frequency of 500Hz with a signal delay of 6ms.

In addition, according to Kistler, an integrated GPS receiver enables the determination of position and time, and integrated angular rate sensors allow pitch and roll angle and rotation around the vertical axis of the vehicle to be measured. Further signals such as levelled acceleration or curve radius and the conversion of speed to any point of the vehicle (such as the center of gravity or rear axis) are calculated inside the sensor.

The compact unit does not require a precision GPS system to provide vehicle motion data, so that testing is not dependent on satellite availability.

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