Millbrook opens 4WD climatic emissions chassis dyno


UK-based vehicle test, validation and engineering service provider, Millbrook Group, has opened a new 4WD climatic emissions chassis dynamometer. The facility operates at temperatures between −20°C and +50°C and is used to measure vehicle emissions (air quality), CO2, fuel consumption, electric consumption and range, and climatic performance of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles under repeatable conditions.

The chamber boasts a high performance, fully transient 4WD 48in chassis dynamometer along with the latest advanced emissions system for measuring regulated and unregulated pollutants. The facility is suitable for gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG, hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles, and is compliant with current and known future European Federal and Japanese light duty emissions regulations, including WLTP.

Millbrook Group president Alex Burns said at the opening of the facility, “This is an important new facility to aid the ever more challenging testing requirements of vehicle manufacturers in the UK. I am delighted to say that Spectris has been very supportive of our plans for increased growth and we are now going into 2017 expecting to accelerate the rate of investment in our business.”

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