New towing dynamometer for testing sedans and SUVs


Taylor Dynamometer has introduced the RSL-15K towing dynamometer capable of testing full-sized sedans and mid- to full-sized SUVs. Designed to be as light as possible in order to minimize the drawbar load for smaller vehicles, the RSL-15K can also be ballasted significantly to properly load larger vehicles. Thus, the RSL-15K is capable of testing a wide range of vehicles.

The RSL-15K is the first RSL model to receive Taylor’s robust, house-designed transfer case that appeals to extreme-duty cycle users needing additional durability. The axle disengagement feature converts the towing dyno into a free spinning trailer during transportation. Thus the design reduces concerns for over-spinning the retarder and alternator and being over-powered by the absorber rotor’s spinning mass while braking. In turn, it saves wear and tear on the towing dynamometer and makes it safe to transport.

With the capacity to continuously absorb 275hp (205kW) at 70mph the RSL-15K is up to the task of simulating any load or hill a vehicle in this class is capable of achieving. Built with an all-aluminum frame, it rides on an independent, coil spring suspension, using two eddy current absorbers for power absorption. The simple sheet metal body allows for easy access to the mechanicals of the dynamometer, making it easy to service and maintain.

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