Pedal robot developed for sports cars


Automotive test systems company, AB Dynamics has launched a new pedal robot, the CBAR600L. The low-profile actuator design is an adaption of the company’s existing CBAR600 unit, which is currently used by all seven Euro NCAP laboratories, NHTSA in the US, Transport Canada and several vehicle manufacturers. The unit features a more compact form, with a reduction in height of 25%, making it suitable for development work on sports cars, including ADAS testing.

Jeremy Ash, AB Dynamics’ commercial manager explained, “The CBAR600L addresses an industry request for a pedal robot specifically designed for use alongside human test drivers in space-restricted sports cars. The low-profile unit enables test drivers and engineers to more comfortably drive the vehicle alongside the robot. The unit provides the repeatability required for testing and development work with the ability to collate valuable data alongside human occupants, without hindering their physical control or ability to override mechanical systems.”

A Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot (CBAR) can be used as a standalone test system or alongside steering, gear-shift, throttle and clutch robots to provide full vehicle control. It allows vehicle speed, brake and throttle control to enable repeatable vehicle braking performance tests, commonly used for development and validation of technologies for brake and tire manufacturers.

Maximum brake force remains at 750N and the unit can be upgraded with a backup safety brake system for use in autonomous testing. Controllable variables include vehicle speed, brake pedal force, pedal travel, vehicle deceleration, brake line pressure, and engine RPM.

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