Rental scheme makes dynamics test equipment more accessible


Vehicle dynamics and durability test equipment is valuable to development programs, but while big companies can invest in installing a range of such – usually expensive – equipment in their workshops, smaller specialist vehicle and component producers cannot always justify the capital investment in equipment needed for short-term projects. However, a new initiative can help level the development playing field for automotive suppliers and niche OEMs.

Test equipment is sometimes out of financial reach of small companies. Kistler is widening the user market for its systems

Kistler Instruments is introducing a rental service, whereby a wide range of its vehicle test and measurement equipment can be rented for individual projects, with a minimum rental period of just one week. The range includes equipment for vehicle dynamics measurement applications and for the acquisition of operating loads, including RoaDyn wheel force transducers for various vehicle classes, Correvit S-Motion optical sensors for precision measurement of distance, speed, slip angle, pitch and yaw, and wheel vector sensors for simultaneous measurement of all wheel positions and orientations in five axes.

The range also includes DTI loggers for recording synchronized measurement data, optical laser height sensors for non-contact height measurements in vehicle dynamics testing, and measurement steering wheels for assessing steering moment, angle and speed.

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