Vehico and Kistler Group enter test equipment cooperation


Kistler Group, a specialist in dynamic pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement technology, has entered into a cooperation with Vehico, a manufacturer of driving robots and control systems for vehicle testing. The deal enables the cooperation partners’ ranges of sensor technologies and driving robots to be available from a single source.

The deal was motivated by the growing number of vehicle tests being undertaken, partly due to changing legal regulations and consumer test requirements, with the development of ADAS verification tests in particular driving test demands. To ensure smooth driving dynamics and the functionality of ADAS systems, vehicles are tested and evaluated using driving robots in combination with sensors. Kistler’s sensor range can be used to measure the various forces affecting the vehicle and the driver, such as brakes, steering and wheels, and the company also offers the MaDaM measurement data management system and jBEAM post-processing software for gathering, analysing and visualising virtually any set of data. Meanwhile Vehico’s driving robots provide objective vehicle testing, reproducible tests (including driverless testing) of automatic steering, acceleration and braking robots. Vehico platforms can also simulate other road users, from walking pedestrians to fast-moving vehicles.

Making the testing processes easier is at the heart of the new cooperation. Rather than choosing sensors and robots individually, customers can now obtain an extensive portfolio from a single source. All individual test components can be matched, reducing time and effort at the point of installation and with the aim of improving reliability and reproducibility.

“Kistler’s and Vehico’s expertise in the field of vehicle dynamics and ADAS complement each other. All customers will be able to benefit directly for classic vehicle testing, and the development of new types of assistance systems and autonomous vehicles,” stated Dr Lothar Ganzelmeier, managing director of Vehico.

Alexander Putz, project leader for ADAS testing systems at Kistler added, “Now we can measure, evaluate and improve the quality of dynamic control and ADAS systems from start to finish. We help to accelerate and simplify testing processes for customers”.

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