Zeekr 001 breaks two Guinness World Records


EV manufacturer ZEEKR has announced that its luxury all-electric 001 vehicle has broken two Guinness World Records, for a slightly unexpected reason: it has claimed the titles for the fastest drift ever achieved by an electric car, and the fastest electric car slalom. The records were broken in August under the supervision of an adjudicator from Guinness World Records at the CATARC proving ground in China.

The fastest EV drift record requires the vehicle to drift at speeds higher than 160km/h, and the 001 was able to achieve a maximum speed of 207.996km/h. Using the 001’s twin-electric drive system, the front and rear were able to achieve instantaneous torque output up to 7,680Nm and an acceleration time up to 100km/h in just 3.8s.

This power and acceleration, combined with the 001’s high-performance chassis suspension system, maximised body stability and allowed the driver to maintain consistent and precise drifting.

ZEEKR’s 001 also went on to set a new benchmark for the fastest ever all-electric car slalom. The vehicle weaved between 50 equally spaced cones, and completed the course in 49.05 seconds without touching or knocking any down any cones.

The 001’s electric four-wheel drive system boosted acceleration off the line and enabled precise handling, while the power distribution and the balance between the front and rear wheels between the cones allowed for minimal disruption from the chassis or tyres, maintaining strong and stable braking. The strong grip also allowed the vehicle to have better cornering ability throughout.

While the Guinness World Records are good for marketing, they also demonstrate the 001’s vehicle dynamics. In road mode, the ZEEKR 001 can quickly respond to multiple emergency scenarios, while the newly developed intelligent anti-skid dTCS (distributed traction control system) operates at a processing rate 10-times faster than some mainstream TCS traction control systems.

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