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The May 2021 issue of Vehicle Dynamics International is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:






Cover story:  Autonomous vehicle dynamics

AVs could be joining our roads this year, creating a huge market: £52bn by 2035 for the UK alone. We asked chief engineers at OEMs and auto organisations to share their thoughts on how to create a good AV dynamic setup, beyond just ride quality


Interview: Nissan’s approach to AV dynamics

The prospect of improved road safety is at the heart of AV development. But how should autonomous vehicles ride and handle as we progress towards Level 4? Bob Bateman, a senior engineer at Nissan, discusses the changes that should be implemented to vehicle dynamics setups

ADAS technology

Advances in sensors and development technologies are enabling ADAS systems to become more accurate and reliable

Exclusive: Acura MDX

The 2022MY Acura MDX is Acura’s new flagship model, with an all-new platform and double-wishbone front suspension. We spoke exclusively to the MDX’s dynamics team

Vehicle Dynamics International Awards 2021

The format of the awards will be slightly different for 2021, with a virtual ceremony. Find out how you can get involved

Column: Basilio Lenzo

Dynamics expert, Basilio Lenzo, is excited to be a part of the AV revolution. However, while technology is advancing, even towards autonomous drifting, human emotions are potentially stifling progress

Column: Paul McNamara

An entirely new set of industry-wide accepted measurements is needed to understand the performance of next-generation EVs, says Paul McNamara, technical director at Williams Advanced Engineering

Dynamic legend: Renault Sport Clio V6. Motorsport engineering brought a crazy concept to life. The Clio V6 had a big heart to match its big engine

Product & service profiles

Danisi Engineering


Horiba MIRA





GeneSys Elektronik

ZalaZone Proving Ground

Mechanical Simulation Corporation


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