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GRAS Sound & Vibration is represented through subsidiaries and distributors in more than 40 countries and is part of Axiometrix Solutions, a leading test solutions provider comprised of globally recognized measurement brands.

Valid data and efficient test methods have always been important in acoustic noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing. However, with new types of cars – electric, hybrid, autonomous – posing new challenges and calling for new, informed and clever trade-off decisions, this is more true than ever before

As the world leader in developing cutting-edge acoustic sensors, GRAS provides new and improved microphones for more efficient and reliable acoustic NVH testing. This includes a rugged and very versatile standard microphone for a wide variety of acoustic NVH applications as well as highly specialized microphones for very specific applications.

The two most recent specialized microphones are GRAS 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone – a new surface microphone optimized for cold and hot engine noise testing and GRAS 147EB CCP X-Rugged Microphone Set – a microphone specifically optimized for on-road brake noise testing. Both meet the constraints typically found in engine bay and wheelhouse testing.

146AE – The New Standard Microphone

For powertrain noise, road noise, exhaust noise, pass-by noise and brake noise dynamometer testing.

GRAS’ versatile solution is the 146AE – the world’s first CCP free-field measurement microphone set specifically designed to operate reliably in many different harsh NVH test setups. The 146AE sets a new standard, which provides valid acoustic data and ruggedness in one package.

Already used by +25 OEM and Tier 1 customers globally.

GRAS Sound & Vibration

147AX – Special Microphone for Engine Noise Testing

GRAS’ new solution is the 147AX microphone (patent pending) optimized to withstand the challenging conditions found in an engine bay. The new form factor and unique mounting system allow measurements in confined spaces and enable easy mounting.

Developed and tested with Volvo Cars, Sweden.

147EB – Special Microphone for Brake Noise On-Road Testing

GRAS’ new solution is the 147EB rugged measurement microphone with additional protection of the diaphragm. It can withstand many thousands of miles of driving in all weather conditions. In addition, it can provide valid acoustic data that it has not been possible to record before.

Developed and tested with Volkswagen, Germany.


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