Vehicle Dynamics Testing

S-E-A was founded in 1970 in Columbus, Ohio USA. For over 30 years of these years, S-E-A has developed custom solutions providing Vehicle Testing clients the data needed to validate, improve performance, or benchmark products. S-E-A not only has the tools and expertise, but also has test surfaces allowing for on-site testing of most systems.

Types Of Custom Testing

The S-E-A team has experience in all types of analysis and evaluation thus having the capabilities to create new combinations of tests just for one scenario or many.

A cross-functional team can design and build a testing solution from scratch. S-E-A associates work closely with clients to develop testing plans that can collect the data most useful to them. S-E-A engineers and technicians use a combination of different testing methods to conduct analysis others never dreamed possible, including:

  • Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) Testing
    Pedestrian and Bicyclist Scenarios
  • Dynamic Testing
  • Center of Gravity Measurements
  • Moment of Inertia and Product of Inertia Measurements
  • Unmanned Driving Scenarios and Driving Robots
    Vehicle-to-Vehicle Crashes


S-E-A can handle all sizes and classes of vehicles from recreational power sports, motorcycles, passenger vehicles, trucking, and up to large military vehicles. Our professionals follow the industry closely to stay on the cutting edge and offer state of the art solutions.

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